Our store carries a large variety of healthy, species appropriate and grain-free foods, with a focus on raw. Raw, dry, dehydrated, freeze dried and canned foods are available for dogs and cats.


In addition to those foods, Tail Blazers carries a wide selection of accessories, raw bones, toys, and healthy treats. We also stock many environmentally friendly products (eg: toys, natural cat litter), locally made products and implement earth friendly practices in-store.

They add years

to our lives,

now it’s time we

add some to theirs!


We ONLY stock high quality foods containing ingredients that are healthy and beneficial for dogs and cats. Each product must meet strict criteria before it is brought in. We believe in species appropriate foods, where meat is the main ingredient and NO hard to digest ingredients such as corn, soy, wheat or artificial colours/additives.

Tail Blazers also has a wide selection of natural, non-invasive solutions for many common ailments that affect dogs and cats. For example, most causes of diarrhea can be addressed by products we stock. Natural supplements for sore joints/arthritis can reduce pain, improve mobility, decrease inflammation and slow the progression of joint degeneration. There are also safe, effective options for short or long term anxiety. For urinary tract infections, prevention through proper food choices is key, as well as specific supplement. Diarrhea, joints, anxiety and urinary tract are just some of the ailments that Tail Blazers can help address!



Our goal is to make readily available human-grade, healthy and nutrient-rich, species appropriate, and life enhancing products for pets.

We promise to continue to be trendsetters in our industry by purchasing ONLY from companies that are constantly improving their product line. As the pet food industry grows and advances we will continually improve our product offerings.

We vow to carry as many Canadian and Eco-Friendly product options that we can while maintaining the quality our customers have come to know and trust.

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